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We are currently planning the following tours and would be happy to forward a brochure on request. Please use the links below to view full tour descriptions.
As well as compiling impressive bird lists, our clients always enjoy carefully selected quality accommodation and a nice social atmosphere.

Discover the wild sides of Kent & Sussex – £495

April 11, 2021 – April 15, 2021

This is a great time to visit the bird rich counties of Kent and Sussex, as spring migrants such as Little Tern, Wheatear, Ring Ouzel, Redstart, Nightingale and Yellow Wagtail will be pouring in across the Channel at migration hotspots like Dungeness and Rye Harbour. Kent alone has five RSPB reserves, and a county list of 424 birds, making it one of Britain’s top birding counties.

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Discover Texel ~ A Dutch hotspot – £890

April 19, 2021 – April 25, 2021

The Dutch coast attracts literally millions of wildfowl and waders and is therefore ranked number 11 in the top thirty birding sites of Europe, and Texel is in the ‘thick of it’. Texel is the largest and most southerly of the Frisian island chain, where a variety of habitats located beside the nutrient rich Wadden Sea on the northwest Europe migration route makes it an exceptional ‘hotspot’ for birds, and the ‘home’ of the Dutch Birding Weekend. With over 370 species recorded, of which around 30% are vagrants, 75 species are possible in a day, and our visit at the peak of the migration season, with lingering winter visitors, may well break the 100 barrier by the end of the trip! Dutch birding is very well organized, with a first class system for sharing news of rarities, which helped us on our 2016, 2017 and 2019 trips to find Lesser Scaup, Ring-necked Duck, Bufflehead, Dotterel, Red-rumped Swallow and even Siberian Rubythroat! So, who knows what we might find this time…

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Beautiful Bulgaria ~ Woodpeckers, Owls & a whole lot more! – £1595

April 27, 2021 – May 6, 2021

With the help of an experienced local guide from Neophron Tours, many rarities are relatively easy to find in this remote corner of Europe, and this exciting tour offers the possibility to see a remarkable selection of birds including Ferruginous Duck, Golden, Lesser Spotted and Short-toed Eagles, Long-legged Buzzard, Rock Partridge, Hazel Grouse, Calandra Lark, Crested and Sombre Tits, Isabelline Wheatear, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Alpine Chough, Nutcracker, Spanish Sparrow, Hawfinch, Rock and Cirl Buntings, up to six different Owls and all ten European Woodpeckers! According to “Bulgaria is also the best place in the world for seeing Wallcreeper”! So, prepare for an outstanding trip list.

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Corsica ~ The ‘Isle of Beauty’ – £1495

May 16, 2021 – May 23, 2021

With spectacular mountains rising to almost 9,000 feet, deep forested valleys and gorges cut by clear water streams, plus pristine Mediterranean scrub known as Maquis and miles of dramatic unspoilt coastline, Corsica is well worth a visit for the landscape alone. But then there are the birds, including Corsica’s very own Nuthatch and Citril Finch.

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Marvellous Mull – £960

June 13, 2021 – June 18, 2021

Mull is indeed a fantastic island, and a paradise for wildlife and nature lovers, and it has been so popular in the past that this will be my eighth visit there in the last ten years. The varied habitats provide wonderful wild scenery, including rugged high mountains, moorland, forests, dramatic cliffs and 300 miles of unspoilt coastline. So, if it’s Eagles you want, this is the place to be. In addition to healthy populations of both Golden and White-tailed Eagles, Mull is home to a wide variety of other raptors including Sparrowhawk, Hen Harrier, Short-eared Owl, Peregrine, Kestrel, Merlin and Buzzards galore. On top of this, we can also expect to see Red Deer, Common and Grey Seals and hopefully Bottle-nosed Dolphin and Otter.

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Uganda ~ Great apes, birds & big game – £5990

July 3, 2021 – July 21, 2021

Uganda is similar in size to Great Britain and yet it is home to over 1000 species of birds, thanks to the great variety of habitats within this fairly small area. Consequently, there are more bird species per square mile here than in any other African country, and we can hope to see around 400 of them on this fantastic tour! Amongst this impressive list will be the awesome Shoebill and the very rare Green-breasted Pitta, as well as many species endemic to the rift valley, formed by the Albert Nile flowing north along the eastern edge of the Congo region. These special birds include gems like Handsome Francolin, Green Broadbill, Regal, Purple-breasted and Blue-headed Sunbirds and the exotic Rwenzori Turaco. As most of these endemics can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, this tropical forest is ranked number 24 in the top 100 birding sites of the world!
As well as all the birds, we can expect to see some exciting mammals on this safari through six of Uganda’s ten national parks, such as Warthog, Giant Forest Hog, Plains Zebra, Rothschild’s Giraffe, Hippo, Defassa Waterbuck, Oribi, Impala, Topi, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Eland, the handsome Uganda Kob, and the ‘big five’; Elephant, White Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. Uganda is also regarded as the ‘primate capital of the world’, with thirteen species in Kibale Forest National Park alone, including Uganda’s largest population of Chimpanzees, and then there are also the magnificent Mountain Gorillas, with around half of the world’s population living in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park! If you wish, you have the privilege to enjoy amazing meetings with Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest and with the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi!

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A Snow Leopard quest in the ‘wild heart’ of Asia – £5945

July 31, 2021 – August 11, 2021

This remarkable tour offers the realistic chance of finding the secretive and almost mythical Snow Leopard, without the need for strenuous high altitude hikes in cold thin air, after sleeping on the floor in a tent! We will be based in clean and comfortable spacious Yurts, equipped with beds and electricity, with access to flush toilets and hot showers, and catered for by a highly professional local crew, driving well maintained modern four wheel drive vehicles. The camp is at an altitude of about 6000 feet, amidst the stunning mountain scenery of the Altai Mountains, near the border with China, where eight out of the previous ten tours have witnessed twenty different sightings of the majestic Snow Leopard!

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Ecuador ~ Andes to Amazon – £3990

November 8, 2021 – November 21, 2021

As we travel down the eastern slope of the lofty Andes, through a range of exciting habitats, from the treeless montane Paramo, through lush cloud forest and sub-tropical forest into the towering tropical rainforest of the mighty Amazon basin, we shall encounter an amazing wealth of biodiversity. With over 1600 bird species alone, despite its small size, Ecuador has the world’s fourth longest bird list! A glance through the hefty fieldguide shows just how colourful and exotic these tropical birds can be, but don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself!

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The Camargue & much more – £Tbc

February 14, 2022 – February 19, 2022

The Camargue is one of Europe’s greatest wetlands, ranked number seven in the top birding sites of Europe, and famous for its herds of white horses, black bulls and lagoons awash with the dazzling pink of Greater Flamingos in their thousands, making a spectacularly memorable show.

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